2nd stage, Roncesvalles - Zubiri (22,14 Km.)

Going down the pass of Ibaņeta for those pilgrims who come from Fraance, you arrive in Roncesvalles or "valley of hawthorns", a very special place in Camino de Santiago because it is the departure of  the route of stars and it has benn a witness of some important events in history.

Most of the pilgrims start walking in Roncesvalles after spending one night in the lodging and going to the mass of pilgrims at eight oīclock the previous day. going to the mass is something extraordinary, no matter if you are Catholic or not. The monkīs canticles among the gothic stones are really special.

When mornig comes you leave the monastery behind you going along a path which goes on paralle line with a road. It is sourronded by every type of vegetation (pines, beeches, birches...) The stage is so pleasant that is becomes a gift for the pilgrim.

Then you reach Burguete; you go ahead the main street and you arrive at a bank office and turn right. After that you walk alonganother path which leads you to Spinal/Aurizberri.

Now you have travelled 6,5 Km more or less. At the end of the path you must turn left and take another paht which goes directly to Alto of Mezkiritz. there you will find a headstone where you can read: "Here you must pray to the Mother of Roncesvalles". Then you will go across a road and down a narrow path which will laed you to Biscarreta/Guerendiain.

After walking along this village you will find a cross-roads but the yellow arrow will help you to know which is the right way you have to follow. the way in the center gets to Lintzoain after two Km. Later you will arrive in Erro.

A hard upwards path in the middle of a wood wil take you to the mytical Alto of Erro but it worths going up. you will be able to remember the medieval times and feel the pilgrimīs steps from other centuries inside the laefiness vegetation. Before reaching the top, according to the legend, there is a big stone and two smaller ones which have the same size as Roldan and his wife and sonīs step.

Then you will have to cross the road for the last time and you will start going down along a stony path until Zubiri (it is 4 Km long more or less).

You will have the opportunity to see the ruins of the old Venta del Puerto, which was a lodging-housw for pilgrims an dwalkers many years ago. After Agorreta you will go down (you may find some mud). The final section is a toboggan thruogh a pinewood. You will finally see Zubiri! If you want to go to Zaldiko lodging you will only have to cross the bridge and walk twenty five more metres in the same direction.

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